analysing log files?

Paul Reilly pareilly at
Thu Sep 20 06:51:03 GMT 2001


Does anyone know if there is a log filer parser/summarizer for samba logs?
There's seems to be an awful lot of lanman debug output even at low
priority level logs generated by samba.

Ideally I'd like something which summarizes the info from the logs in a
much more readable format , say like so:

Sep 19 14:30:32 servername smbd [pid]: connect from []
Sep 19 14:30:40 servername smbd [pid]: Defaulting to Lanman password for 'bloggsj'
Sep 19 14:30:40 servername smbd [pid]: invalid password for user 'bloggsj'
Sep 19 14:30:32 servername smbd [pid]: foohost ( connect to service 'web' as user bloggsj (uid=1032, gid=500)

Has anyone got anything like this ?

Looking at the code, one could probably hack the samba source to produce
logs like this, or one could write some perl which parses the verbose
logs and produces some nicer ones. Before I do this I was wondering if
anyone has come up with a better solution?


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