Yield_connection: tdb_delete failed

Marceau Dominique dmarceau at ismans.univ-lemans.fr
Thu Sep 20 01:12:02 GMT 2001

Samba 2.2.1
IRIX 6.5.12
log level 1

Folowing an upgrade from samba 2.0.7 to 2.2.1, I got now this error:
yield_connection: tdb_delete failed with error Record does not exist.
and I can't connect from my clients. My smb.conf file is the same as 
the older version and it used to work fine.
What is different between those two versions and how can I make it run again
in 2.2.1 ?

Thank you

Dominique Marceau
(Institut Superieur des Materiaux du Mans)
44, Avenue F.A. Bartholdi
72000 Le Mans
Tel: 33 (0)2 43 21 40 30     Fax:33 (0)2 43 21 40 39
E-Mail: dmarceau at ismans.univ-lemans.fr
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