nmblookup -M "-" shows two browse masters

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Wed Sep 19 17:41:05 GMT 2001

I have two subnets, and
I have one router and one winserver combined on one linux box.
I have this in my winserver/router smb.conf:
netbios name = JHAMMER6
        os level = 65
        preferred master = True
        domain master = True
        wins support = Yes                      

In another linux box on one subnet I have this in its smb.conf:
        netbios name = HAMMER2
        interfaces =
        wins server = jhammer6       

When I run nmblookup -M '-' I get the following:

[root at jhammer6 httpd]# nmblookup -M "-"
INFO: Debug class all level = 1   (pid 5220 from pid 5220)
querying __MSBROWSE__ on __MSBROWSE__<01> __MSBROWSE__<01>             

My confusion comes in when I seem to have two browse masters.
I am guessing that the router is the browse master for the subnet and that has taken over the job for the other network
I would have thought that os level = 65 in the router's smb.conf would have
made the router the browse master for both subnets.
Any insight appreciated,

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