Samba Server Disappears from Network Neighbourhood but

Milewski, Evan milewse at
Wed Sep 19 13:08:02 GMT 2001

I don't know if this is pertinant, but we had problems with samba running
for a week or more..things got "stale" and stopped working correctly.  We
ended up setting up in cron to stop, pause and then start samba every
morning at 4:30am.  We stopped having problems after that.

.....after restarting smb inside init.d it starts up again fine but that 
means disconnecting all my users. If you just type the path name into 
windows explorer it will come up fine and everone can still use it. The NT 
boxes dont appear to be able to see it when you do this though. Has anyone 
else experienced this ? there doesnt appear to be any reason for it to 
dissapear it just does it every time samba has been running for a week or 
so. After a ps ax it still shows as a running process ? ? !

Is there a fix ? or do I need to reconfigure the win98 clients somehow ?



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