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Wouter Eerdekens wouter.eerdekens at
Wed Sep 19 02:02:02 GMT 2001

Hi everyone,

First of all, could you please CC me, I am not (yet) subscribed to this

Now my problem:

I created a test setup at my office that uses winbind to authenticate linux
users to a Windows NT server (they log in with DOMAIN+username), as described
in the winbindd manpage. I followed their setup completely.

(at my work I am using RedHat 7.1 and the winbindd daemon found in the
  samba-appliance-0.5.1 RPM)

I did the same thing somewhere else, the only difference is that the Windows
server is a W2K box.

When I try to create a machine account on the domain controller with samedit,
I get the following:

samedit -S 'W2KBox' -W DOMAIN -UAdministrator

(substituting DOMAIN with my domain name off course...)

this asks for a password, I enter it, it works, I get the following prompt:

[DOMAIN\Administrator at W2kBox]$

Everything fine so far...

now, when I enter the command

[DOMAIN\Administrator at W2kBox]$ createuser MyMachine$ -j DOMAIN -L


I use a script to do this, (I used the same script at my work and at the
other location). What could possibly be wrong here ???


Wouter Eerdekens

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