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Steffen Moser lists at steffen-moser.de
Tue Sep 18 14:05:02 GMT 2001


* On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 07:39 PM (+0100), Michels, Gustavo [EES/BR] wrote:

> Just wondering if anyone here has a working setup of Samba + quotas on linux
> ext2... Quotas on the underlying fs is fine and samba does respect the quota
> limits, but the free space reported is the entire disk free space, not the
> user's free quota.

I have got excatly the same problem here. 

At first I supposed that it might be caused by the new quota code ("vfsv0"). 
I have to use this new quota code because "ext3" does not work together with 
"vfsold" - the old quota code.

Some information about my system: SuSE Linux 7.2, kernel "linux-2.4.9-ac10" 
(patched with "ext3-0.9.9") and "samba-2.2.1a" (of course, with enabled
disk quota support). Alan Cox' kernel series ("ac") comes with the new quota 
code "vfsv0" which uses "aquota.user" and "aquota.group" instead of "quota.user" 
and "quota.group". 

> I've seen many problems like mine, also some patches to correct this, but
> all unsuccesful. Anyone has this working?

I haven't tried a recent CVS version of samba, yet. 

> Using: red hat 7.1, kernel 2.4.3-12, 

I don't think that kernel "linux-2.4.3" (vanilla) comes with "vfsv0". But the 
suffix "-12" might point to a special distributor's (Redhat) kernel, so perhaps 
you've got "vfsv0" support? Do you have a file called "quota.user" or is it 
called "aquota.user"?  

> quota pkg 3.01-pre9

Here: 3.01pre5

> Clients are all w2k sp1.

Here: Windows 98 second edition-


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