SWAT Bad Authorization!

Nigel Edwards nigel.edwards at acc-ltd.com
Tue Sep 18 09:18:03 GMT 2001


Using 2.2.1a and getting 401 SWAT Bad Authorization error.

If I use the -a option everything is OK. The documentation refers to the -a
option which leaves everything wide open but I can't find any documentaion
regarding any other form of access control for SWAT. What actually controls
the access?

We installed from source with no selected config options.

Hope someone can help, I have searched for info without success.

BTW access to SWAT via Webmin is also dead.

As many of you are in the USA I would like to add my condolences to all
those affected by the recent tragedy, and to let you know that the British
will be with you even if the support of the rest of Europe falters.


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