samba-2.0.7 remote announce NOT

nbecker at nbecker at
Tue Sep 18 08:16:01 GMT 2001

>>>>> "Gerald" == Gerald Carter <gcarter at> writes:

    Gerald> On 18 Sep 2001 nbecker at wrote:
    >> OK, I see the packets now.  They are on port 138.
    >> But I still couldn't get an NT client on a remote subnet to see my
    >> group "MYGROUP" until I forced the NT client to use my samba server as
    >> a WINS server.  What is the point of the broadcasting?

    Gerald> Does the router all directed broadcasts through?

No idea.  Unfortunately, I don't control it.  I guess that you believe
that if the broadcasts were not being blocked, that my setup should
have worked with just the "remote announce" and not needing to add the
WINS server setting on the client?

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