WIN PDC capabilities

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you need samba 2.2.1a for win2k (sp2) logons

also, make sure you don't access the server *before* adding the computer to
the domain.
Check if the machine accounts are being added in /etc/passwd and remove them
before trying again.
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  I have been using samba to authenticate win95/98 clietns with much
success. I am now trying to use samba 2.2 to autheticate win2000 boxes.I
read the how-to and made the chages to  my smb.conf file. But I get the
error message
  Your computer could not be joined to the domain because the following
error has occurred:
  The credentials supplied conflict with an existing set of credentials

  I went so far as to create a new machine name for the win2k box, rebooted
the linux smb server(122 days of uptime) but still get the error message.

  I am able to mount shares manually and can see the smb box in network

  Any help is appreciated


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