Setting Up Samba with a LinkSYS Cable Router

Jack Malone jmalone at
Tue Sep 18 05:27:02 GMT 2001

I have this linksys cable/dsl router here at work an at home an had a samba 
server at both locations. No problem at either location . I have a mix of 
win95/98/me at work an they see the server. I'm letting the router serve up 
ip's for now til i get that working on the linux box. Im using suse linux 
by the way.  Not sure what your problem is. can you manuelly setup the 
win98 box to see the samba server, not by browsing. ex go into my computer 
on the that machine an under tools click on the map network drive, an give 
the path to the samba server, here is my path ex \\Horizon\horizon\ . where 
as \\Horizon is the name of the machine an the \horizon is my share name on 
that server.

give that a try an see if it works for you.

jack malone
Network Administrator
Horizon Industries

At 09:50 PM 9/17/2001 -0400, Gary Stanton wrote:
>I can not get my linux server to show up in my network neighborhood in 
>windows98.  I am using a LINKSYS cable router to network two pcs 
>together.  I know my network is working fine because I can connect from 
>one windows pc to another but not to the linux box.
>I think the problem has something to do with the router be a DHCP 
>server.  I don't think I am setting up some of the ip addresses or names 
>correctly to allow the machines to talk to one another.
>Has anyone had any experience connecting a linux and windows pc using 
>LINKSYS DSL/CABLE ROUTER??  If so,  maybe you could tell me what I may 
>need to do.
>Also, when I run "smbclient -L localhost" I get a connection refused and 
>connection to local host failed after it says what addresses it has added.
>Thanks for your help!
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