Shared printer not accessible

Joel Hammer Joel at
Tue Sep 18 03:48:02 GMT 2001

To help others to help you I would:
1. Post the global section and the share section for your printer from smb.conf
2. Tell us more about your printing software. If your filter includes a
script, post the script, too.

On Tue, Sep 18, 2001 at 11:53:32AM +0200, Iztok Kham wrote:
> Hello I am new to the list so please have patience :)
> I have this problem:
> On my samba (2.2.1a) server I created printer and it does ok. But ...
> If I go to one of our Win200 Pro boxes and try to open printer it says:
> "Access denied, unable to connect"
> However, jobs print ok from all boxes. I have tried Browseable on and also 
> Guest OK and nothing changes. All users have their accounts on samba and 
> all shares are accessible and working as expected.
> The other problem is that after the job is printed one more blank page 
> comes out of printer.
> I hope somebody can direct me to solving the problem.
>          Iztok
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