FW: kernel oplocks 2.2.1a

Juer Lee Juer.Lee at raidtec.ie
Tue Sep 18 02:10:02 GMT 2001

Thank you very much.
Yes, all documents about oplocks says that don't enable oplocks if the
kernel doesn't support kernel oplock when the file possibly be changed
by linux/nfs.My question is that if I disable the 'kernel oplocks' and
enable 'oplocks', what on earth will happen? Can I produce some
conflicts of that ?


>If your kernel does not support kernel oplocks (or you do not have
>them enabled) you cannot use oplocks on a windows client if you 
>will also change the file under linux/nfs. When oplocks are enabled,
>the client caches all changes to the file until the oplock is
>broken (by another windows client) or the file is closed. Nothing
>is sent to the server for write updates until then. Depending on
>the application you use on the client, "saving" the file means
>different things.
>> Hi, All,
>> I went through the source code (smbd/files.c) already, I got some
>> information about oplocks there, so my previous problem is not the
>> problem :)
>> But I still have a question:
>> If I disable the 'kernel oplocks' and enable 'oplocks', if I edit and
>> save a file on Samba client, can I get the changes right 
>away ( using vi
>> to open the same file under Linux )? My results are all same when I
>> disable or enable 'kernel oplocks'.
>> Has anybody experience this problem?
>> Juer
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