Setting Up Samba with a LinkSYS Cable Router

Gary Stanton gjstan at
Mon Sep 17 18:44:03 GMT 2001

I can not get my linux server to show up in my network neighborhood in windows98.  I am using a LINKSYS cable router to network two pcs together.  I know my network is working fine because I can connect from one windows pc to another but not to the linux box.

I think the problem has something to do with the router be a DHCP server.  I don't think I am setting up some of the ip addresses or names correctly to allow the machines to talk to one another.

Has anyone had any experience connecting a linux and windows pc using LINKSYS DSL/CABLE ROUTER??  If so,  maybe you could tell me what I may need to do.

Also, when I run "smbclient -L localhost" I get a connection refused and connection to local host failed after it says what addresses it has added.

Thanks for your help!
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