Security = user + Win2k native domains

Herb Lewis herb at
Mon Sep 17 15:41:05 GMT 2001

> Hugo Levasseur wrote:
> Under my NT Domain I used to be able to mount homes automatically.
> Now that I have migrated to Win2k not only do my homes ont mount
> automatically ... but when a user tries to manually mount his home
> drive the samba server asks for authentification.  Is there any reason
> for this? (Passwords are the same on the Win2k DC and the Samba
> server)
> Hugo

Are you running in plaintext mode? If so, here is what I said in a 
previous post.

One other issue with plaintext passwords that is often confusing is
that NT and W2K clients will prompt for a username and password
when you reconnect to the shares even if your NT password and *NIX 
password are the same. The dialog box indicates the passwords are
wrong even though you know they are correct. It really should say
"I'm about to send a plaintext password. Do you want to continue?"

The only way to stop NT from prompting for the password is to set
encrypted passwords.

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