Printing to a Samba Printer triggering a DNS lookup and dialling the modem

Joel Hammer Joel at
Mon Sep 17 14:25:01 GMT 2001

I haven't seen any other takers so I will put in my two cents.
Have you tried tcpdump to look at the network traffic? Use grep -v to filter
out all the noise.
I don't use PPP or WinME, so, consider the source.
In my windows98 box, I have the option to tell windows to use various
techniques to find other machines, so I can choose not to use DNS from
windows. Can this be disabled in WinME? Putting the linux server into an
lmhost file might prevent DNS lookup up. Is there a way to make DNS lookup a
last resort? Have you a DNS server on your system? If not, consider
setting one up. It is a PAIN but educational. And, it may prevent WinME from
causing a dialout.
Can PPP be configured to ignore requests for the linux server?
BTW, the WinME box DOES print to the linux server, right?
On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 11:39:23PM +1000, Doug Gray wrote:
> I have just joined the list and I have a problem, perhaps someone can
> help.
> I have:
> Linux 7.0 with 2.4.7 Kernel (with various upgrades for functionality).
> Samba is running on this machine with shares and a printer on the USB
> port.
> This machine also has a modem  (demand dialling) and I am using the
> Monmotha Firewall script.
> This works quite well for the WinME PC able to access the printer and
> the modem.
> I am very pleased with the way this hangs together...'cept:
> When I print from the WinME machine to the samba printer on the linux
> box, the modem dials.
> I'm not sure where the problem lies or how to attack this.
> It seems that the WinME machine tries to do a DNS lookup (DNS is
> pointing outside the system) whenever the printer is used. Perhaps it is
> trying to find the printer queue !!!
> I'm guessing here, but if anyone has any suggestions I would be
> grateful.
> Is there any way to get netstat for example to trap and display all the
> DNS requests rather than just snapshots as you get with the -c option?
> I hope someone can help.
> Doug Gray
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