smbpasswd error

Herb Lewis herb at
Mon Sep 17 12:04:06 GMT 2001

> Tom wrote:
> Hi, the environment I am working on looks like: Linux RH 7.1, SAMBA
> 2.0.7 running and Ipmasquerading for a network in the back.
> In the Back I have a couple of Win2k Server Machines and a WinME box.
> There is a problem authenticating to the SAMBA Shared Resources.
> SMB.CONF has entries: security=Domain & encrypt passwords = Yes
> PROBLEM: win2k and winME cannot access shared resource on Linux box.
> Attempts to connect to Linux by Win2k returns an error: "Userid or
> Password confict with existing cridentials" and WinME returns error
> ... like "Cannot access this resource"
> QUESTION:  Can someone give me a clue what is going on... what do I do
> next?

This indicates you already have a connection to the machine as a 
different user. NT will only connect to a netbios name as a single user.
You can try the connection by using the IP address of the server
for the server name. Run smbstatus and see what other connnection you
have. Disconnect that share on the Win client and you should be able
to connect as the current user.

> Here are the results of attempting to run: SMBPASSWD with a valid user
> created on the Linux Box.
> THANKS ! advance for taking a look at this

It looks like you may have a bad smbpasswd file. If you were trying
to add a new user "testaccount" the syntax is

smbpasswd -a testaccount

Try this and see if it works.
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