Locking Problems?

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The option is:
 oplocks = no

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there's no such option as 'set oplocks'...
do a 'kernel oplocks = no' and see what it happens


On Friday 14 September 2001 06:39 pm, you wrote:
> Hi there,
> I am having problems and am looking for suggestions on how to proceed.
> Setup:
>     OS - Redhat7.1
>     Samba - V2.2.1a (pre-compiled RPM)
>     Clients - W2K
>     Application - Telemagic (Given the error messages seems like
>     app)
>     Applicable Share configuration -
>         [TMServer]
>            comment = Telemagic share
>            path = /home/samba/TMServer
>            public = yes
>            read only = yes
>            browseable = yes
>            force group = tmuser
>            write list = @tmuser
>            force create mode = 0770
>            create mask = 0770
>            directory mask = 0770
>            strict locking = Yes
>            set oplocks = no
> Problem:
>     The application data is currently hosted on a W2k Client share.
>     Every day 5-7 tele-marketers bang on it with minimal difficulty.
>     preparation for moving to SAMBA I have set up a RedHat 7.1 File
>     server and exported a share.  Every evening I smbmount the w2k
>     and rsync the data to the SAMBA share. I then recursively change
>     permissions to 0770 and set the group to 'tmuser' which all
>     tele-marketers are members of.
>     For one hour a day at the end of their shift, the tele-marketers
>     required to bang on the SAMBA share to test it.  They can all
>     successfully connect, and work for some period of time. Eventually
>     they start getting various internal foxpro errors.
>     I have the logging level set at 3, and a quick perusal (I don't
>     really know what to look for) shows me no errors in the log files.
>     We have approached the company that markets the application to see
>     if they would help, but there position is Linux and SAMBA are
>     unsupported.
>     I have searched google for similar problems, and what little I
>     seems to point at locking issues. This is what caused me to add
>     last two lines to the share configuration.  I added them on
>     successive days, with no apparent change in the stability of the
>     application.
> Any suggestions on how I might get a handle on this problem would be 
> greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Mark Dailey
> Systems Administrator

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