Problem with Win2K, XP and Linux RedHat 7.1

Kirkup, Steve skirkup at
Mon Sep 17 08:16:03 GMT 2001

I had the same problem, and after looking back at old posts it was becuase
ipchains was running.
Do a

/etc/init.d/ipchains stop

and then see if you can get any further.

Steve K

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> Subject:	Problem with Win2K, XP and Linux RedHat 7.1
> Hello,
> i´ve some problems with Win2K or XP and RedHat 7.1 Professional Server.
> I´ve configured my server as well and i can make an connect from linux
> too,
> but if i want to map from Win2K or XP it doesn´t work.
> On my Sniffer i see that my workstation want to make the connect to the
> server, but from server it comes back, that he can´t find the port (ICMP;
> unreachable port).
> So, can everybody help me with my problem ??
> Kind regards
> Matthias
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