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Robert Horner rob at
Mon Sep 17 07:39:03 GMT 2001

Hello.  We have an SGI O2 machine running IRIX 6.5 and samba 2.0.3.  We
have recently replace a windows 2000 client machine with a new windows
2000 machine.  The new machine can see the server in the network browser
but cannot access one of the directories.  From that same client I can
access a folder set with guest permissions, but cannot access the folder
we have set with an existing irix user profile on the server machine.
It gives an incorrect username or password error.  As far as we can tell
the username and password are correct.  The previous windows 2000
machine could log in without a problem.  On the new client we are
actually logging on as administrator, but in the map network drive
feature we use the username from the irix machine.  A windows 98 client
can access the secure folder without prompting for a username and
password at all, and it seems to be using a username and password that
doesn't even exist on the irix machine.  Any solutions you can provide
would help me out.  If you need more information too, please let me
know.  Thanks.
Robert Horner
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Penn State University
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