kernel oplocks 2.2.1a

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Sun Sep 16 17:50:02 GMT 2001

On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, ian j hart wrote:

> > I will up date the man page next week.
> I know, I looked at the code. But, having correct documentation does
> matter.

I was pointing out that having 'kernel oplocks = yes'
causes no harm if your kernel doesn't support it.

> The point is that the two statements above are contradictory, and if
> the first is true then the default value for FreeBSD is wrong. I was
> trying to narrow down a problem with locking. There are 7 options
> (since level2 oplocks requires oplocks). That's a lot of permutations.
> Removing an option which does nothing saves time and effort.
> Since the documentation comes in many formats, you may find it
> easier to just change the default value for FreeBSD in smb.conf.default.

It's all in sgml/DocBook source.  I already agreed with you and
said I would update the docs next week.  Sorry if I wasn't clear.

cheers, jerry
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