Annoying problem with shutdown

Joel Hammer Joel at
Sun Sep 16 15:16:02 GMT 2001

> Well, under OpenLinux 3.1 it produces some very funny looking stuff,
> however, since I only have a SINGLE smbfs share to unmount, I just
> shoved umount /mnt/server1 in the 'stop' section of the networking
> script, and it worked like gangbusters :)

I don't know why this is a problem for at least some of us. I once wrote the
author of that shutdown script and he thanked me for my valuable input but
the bug still seems to be there. My Rehat 7.1 distro did automatically do this for
you. They used grep  /proc/mounts with an awk script to see if any smbfs were up. However, I
still hung up because they only umounted these for final shutdown, level 1,
0, or 6, and I seemed to still have trouble. I think just taking down the
network without changing run levels might have been the problem.
So, I put the same thag into the stop section in RedHat, too. No problems
since. That's always a nice, warm feeling.

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