Samba, DOS partition Or Size Problem? - - "Can't write" problem from Newbie

Paul Lee paulleex at
Sun Sep 16 06:59:02 GMT 2001

Dear Samba Team,

I just set up the Samba server and successfully let the Windows Clients 
access/read/write on their 'homes' directories.
(security in 'User' mode)

I also mount in the linux some DOS partitions, & set the default user/group, 
etc. My Windows clients/user can successfully Access/Read/Write there 
through the samba server.

However, in one occassion, I find i can create, e.g. a new *.txt file by
right-clicking on those DOS paritions, copying a *.txt file there from 
elsewhere, ...but i find i CANNOT COPY e.g. a *.ra files there. (Message: 
"... access is denied'...)

Testing by Trail and Error, I suspect file larger than some 1xx KB is not
allowed. File extension doesn't seem to matter.....

It seems totally strange to me.


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