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Fri Sep 14 09:51:04 GMT 2001

Hi Hugo,
don't worry about what testparm says; %L is resolved at connection time,
based on the netbios name that the connection is being attempted on.
Since testparm isn't making a connnection to do it's testing, %L will not
be expanded.
A real test is to use smbclient -L servername -d3  to verify that the debug
shows that it loaded smb.conf.servername...
Hope this helps,

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I m using the version of testparm that came with samba 2.2.1a.... And
include is all in lower case in my files (outlook seems to like swapping
minuscules with caps when I write emails)


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Are you using an old version of testparm?
include should be in lower caps.
On Fri, Sep 14, 2001 at 12:19:47AM -0400, Hugo Levasseur wrote:
> OK,
> I think I ve got the idea now...
> The main file should hold a part of the global section + the include 
> statement which should look like this: Include = 
> /some/file/smb.conf.%L
> Anyway that s how it looks at this URL: 
> Now this looks all good and could resolve my prob.
> But when running testparm  I get the following error:
> Cannot find "smb.conf."  (it kinda looks like samba cant pick up the 
> %L variable ... Wassup with that?)
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> It looks to me like you are inserting a second  global section into 
> your share section with your additional smb.conf files. BAD These are 
> included just as if they are lines of text. So, if you have an include

> statement in a share, you can't have other share definitions in them. 
> Joel
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