semaphore problem, workaround

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Fri Sep 14 09:26:02 GMT 2001

On Fri, 14 Sep 2001, Martin Leja wrote:

> After disabling eth1 (the internet subnet) with "ifdown eth1"
> reconnecting to the mapped drives works immediately. And it keeps
> working if i enable eth1 again with "ifup eth1"  but only until i
> reboot the win2k box or reset the samba server with "/etc/init.d/samba
> restart" as described above.
> Can someone please explain this to me? I dont want to do a "ifdown
> eth1;  sleep 10; ifup eth1" whenever i want to (re)connect to my
> shares on my samba linux server with my win box.

Check for bad routes using that NIC, dns timeouts, etc....

cheers, jerry
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