Locking Problems?

Mark Dailey sambaml at cinmar.org
Fri Sep 14 08:37:02 GMT 2001

Hi there,

I am having problems and am looking for suggestions on how to proceed.

    OS - Redhat7.1
    Samba - V2.2.1a (pre-compiled RPM)
    Clients - W2K
    Application - Telemagic (Given the error messages seems like foxpro
    Applicable Share configuration -
           comment = Telemagic share
           path = /home/samba/TMServer
           public = yes
           read only = yes
           browseable = yes
           force group = tmuser
           write list = @tmuser
           force create mode = 0770
           create mask = 0770
           directory mask = 0770
           strict locking = Yes 
           set oplocks = no
    The application data is currently hosted on a W2k Client share.
    Every day 5-7 tele-marketers bang on it with minimal difficulty. In
    preparation for moving to SAMBA I have set up a RedHat 7.1 File
    server and exported a share.  Every evening I smbmount the w2k share
    and rsync the data to the SAMBA share. I then recursively change
    permissions to 0770 and set the group to 'tmuser' which all
    tele-marketers are members of.
    For one hour a day at the end of their shift, the tele-marketers are
    required to bang on the SAMBA share to test it.  They can all
    successfully connect, and work for some period of time. Eventually
    they start getting various internal foxpro errors.  
    I have the logging level set at 3, and a quick perusal (I don't
    really know what to look for) shows me no errors in the log files.
    We have approached the company that markets the application to see
    if they would help, but there position is Linux and SAMBA are
    I have searched google for similar problems, and what little I find
    seems to point at locking issues. This is what caused me to add the
    last two lines to the share configuration.  I added them on
    successive days, with no apparent change in the stability of the

Any suggestions on how I might get a handle on this problem would be
greatly appreciated. 


Mark Dailey
Systems Administrator


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