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Steve steve at
Fri Sep 14 07:27:05 GMT 2001

Hi there,

I'm trying to locate some information to understand what is going on, hoping 
that you can point me in the right direction. It seems that I have a very 
unusual situation.

(My KMail has over 5000 messages from the samba list, but I cannot find what 
I'm looking for. Maybe too many : ) I read the help files, bought "Linux 
Samba Server Administration" by Smith, but cannot find an answer there 

Version 2.2.1a is running on three SuSE 7.2 boxes. 
One is the "PDC" for w98 clients. The other is a plain file server. The third 
is not online yet. (They used to be all NT servers, but I'm moving one at a 
time to Linux.)

A remaining NT server (the backup DC) is also running a critical company app 
that has not been moved onto Linux yet.

All users exists as a Linux user without pwd, and as smbusers with pwd, on 
the PDC.

The SuSE file server has no non admin type users at all.

If I add any user to the file server the mappings becomes unavailable for 
that user (from w98). I cannot easily get new shares to work without giving 
them guest access with full file rights on the server.

It seems one is supposed to have a Linux user too for samba to work.

What's up?
Steve Szmidt
V.P. Information
Video Group Distributors, Inc.

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