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Fri Sep 14 06:55:18 GMT 2001

Actually, I much prefer the idea of the FAA creating a 'Civilian Air
Marshals Service', that ANYONE can join, where people go through a rigorous
training program, and after successfully completing the training AND passing
an FBI background check, this person then becomes qualified as a Civilian
Air Marshal.  Now, whenever they fly, they are eligible to be one of (3?
5?) passengers on every flight that is assigned a gun during that flight.
These guns will, of course, be loaded with  the special ammo that Air
Marshals currently use, that will not penetrate the airplanes fuselage (I'm
not sure exactly 'how' it is different).  Alternatively, some other form of
NON-lethal weapon mught be also used, that will require somewhat less

Regardless, I am sick and tired of people wanting to 'be protected' from
everything.  Come one, poeple, take responsibility for your OWN safety, and
learn how to DEFEND yourselves (and your loved ones).

An armed society is a polite society...

Charles Marcus

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--> Anyone can fire a gun.  But most people cannot fire one accurately
enough to take out a terrorist without hitting an innocent bystander or part
of a fragile aircraft.  And if the pilot's a bit slow in grabbing his/her
weapon, well, the terrorist is going to grab it and a bad situation has just
gotten worse.  (Even in police work, many officers are shot WITH THEIR OWN
GUN.)  I'm not saying it's a bad idea to have armed guards on aircraft, I
just don't think that we should push that responsibility on the pilots,
especially since I think few of them would want it.  The pilot's primary
job, in any emergency, is to FLY THE AIRPLANE.  Accidents happen when the
pilot's mind loses focus on that to concentrate on some other problem.
(Many accidents in small planes happen when a door pops open and the pilot
stalls the airplane while trying to close it, instead of just going around
and landing, for example.)

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