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Hi Silviu,
The broadcasts from the computers are how the master browser determines 
which computers should be 'aged' out of its browse list.  The browse master
doesn't go 'looking' for computers, but instead adds a computer to its
list based on these broadcasts. if it DOESN't get a host announcement for x
(don't remember
how many) # of periods, it REMOVES the computer from the browse list, so it
keep showing up in network neighborhood after the computer has been shut
down, or 
otherwise removed from the network.
There are some good discussions of how browsing works in the various books
available on
Samba, like 'Special Edition Using Samba' from QUE, and 'Using Samba' from
O'Reilly (which is also available in html format at

Hope this helps,
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All computers broadcast a Host Announcement packet, every 180 seconds.

If there is configured a domain master browser, why can't they all
remember that and talk directly to it?  And only if they can't contact
it, they should broadcast.

Is it me doing something wrong, or Microsoft not doing pretty much
anything right?

I think it's me, this time...

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