The World Wont Stop [Was Re: machine account question]

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Thu Sep 13 20:51:02 GMT 2001

Dear Nathan,
Unlike you, I had the benefit of living under the communist regime and
the wisdom of their exalted leader V.I. Lenin (admired at the time by
western liberals):

	PURPOSE Of TERROR IS TO TERRORIZE (to achieve some goal)

And terrorize he did and Uncle Joe afterwards (also admired by many
liberals) etc., etc.
Unlike you, modern day terrorist are familiar with above dictum.
Further, the experience from
the Gulf war should have explained some principles rather forcibly:

1) You cannot punish evil leaders except through their subject,
unfortunate as
it may be
2) If you don't finish the job, more people will suffer. Remember soft
heart of
Colin Powell and George Bush, too civilized to finish off Republican
Guards tank
divisions. Saddam rewarded us by 1st decimating his Kurds and Shiite
and thereafter thumbing his nose at UN and us and creating a constant
point in Middle East.

Nobody will or even can annihilate 99.99% of the population of a
country. But,
yes, you can strangle the economy to such level that governance will be

In conclusion try to consider:
1) Looks like we lost more people and certainly suffered more material
than in attack on Pearl Harbor.
2)If retaliation is not complete, what will stop attack with a nuclear
(either smuggled in or fired from the boat using a short range missile)?


Nathan wrote:
> The complete annihilation of a country is a rather idiotic stance to take, especially on record,
> don't you think?
> Everyone agrees that condolences are quite definitely in order, myself whole-heartedly included, but
> the naive instinct of destroying a country of innocent people (99.999%) to bring 'justice' to a
> handful will solve anything except perhaps bringing us down to that level (I hate your country, I
> will kill your people vs. we hate your people, kiss your country good- bye) is ludicrous, IMHO.
> I sincerely hope we will rise above this, and spend our time making sure this never happens again.
> # Nathan
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> Subject: The World Wont Stop [Was Re: machine account question]
> I know this is off topic but i got this from CoffeeCup (so i'm on their
> mailing list - but for once i dont care) and i think it sums up everyones
> feelings perfectly, before i continue with that eMail I would like to
> express my heartfelt sympathy for all of those in the United States (the
> majority of this list i understand) and in particular friends, family and
> collegues of those who worked in the World Trade Center buildings or who
> were unfortunate enough to be travelling on those ill-fated flights this
> morning. , what you are experiencing is something we can only barely begin
> to understand.
> Yours,
> Ross McKillop
> ========================================
> Hello everyone,
> This is Nicholas Longo, the CEO of CoffeeCup Software.
> As you may have heard the World Trade Center and Pentagon
> were attacked about 45 minutes ago.
> The Team at CoffeeCup would like to send our heart felt
> sorrow to those that perished in these attacks.
> We would like to also say on record that if any country
> is found responsible for these attacks, we call for that
> country's complete destruction and annihilation.
> Do not let terrorism which is designed to create fear
> and stop production, halt your life or work.
> Stay focused and do not stop what you are doing.
> -May God bless us all and the decisions we must make.
> ========================================
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> Subject: RE: machine account question
> > Hi Tony,
> >
> > >All,
> > >    I feel very sad asking this question given the state we are
> > >in....
> >
> > The world won't stop...
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