error, how it happen?

joey boy joeyboy at
Thu Sep 13 19:22:19 GMT 2001

> Good day to all! i have a question,  i succesfully set up a samba server.
> during its operation i encounter a repeated problem, here it goes:
> i follow the instruction in diagnosis.txt and it all has pass the test,
> when im trying the:
> "smbclient -L file://bigserver/tmp -Ujohn%secret" sometimes i passed and i
get the
> "smb:\>" prompt. and sometimes i get "connection failed" without changing
> settings of any file. (including smb.conf)
> when trying
> "smbclient -L file://bigserver/tmp" i got the same error.  "password error
or bad
> password!!! "
> and there's an instances that sometimes i succesfully browse the server
> can see all the shared files in the network neigborhood... sometimes i see
> server icon  but cannot browse all the shared files and get something like
> "restrictions error". again without changing the settings of any file. But
> when i type "ps x" to look if my nmbd/smbd is running, i saw  1 nmbd and 2
> smbd running!
> how it happen and how can i fix my problem?, hope you find a solution to
> problem, any help will be very much appreciated...thanks in advance!!! :)
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