Solaris 8 (x86) acl and Samba 2.2.1

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Thu Sep 13 16:04:02 GMT 2001

I installed Solaris 8 (x86) on a Dell 1550 machine and installed and Samba 2.2.1 over it and configured the smb.conf to access my windows 2000 Active Directory domain. I even set the ni_acl_support=true. All was well and I was able to view the nt shares and access those files. 

I observed certain things which I did not expect.  I created a user called samba in the Unix box where samba is installed. I also created a user samba. When create a file in the unix box or copy a file from an NT machine in the domain to the unix box running samba, the security permissions as seen by the nt window shows as 

  a.. domain users (name_of_the_unix_box\samba)
  b.. everyone 
  c.. name_of_the_unix_box\samba
I expected it to be 
  a.. domain users (name_of_the_nt_domain\samba)
  b.. everyone 
  c.. name_of_the_nt_domain\samba
Besides, when I tried to add a nt domain user, it would add the user only till you click the apply or OK button. In effect I am unable to have acl working with samba. 

Any help on what's the problem here? Do I need a patch or something to get this going?


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