Some questions about networking with WinNT/2K

Marco Hoffmann marco.hoffmann at
Wed Oct 31 23:18:02 GMT 2001

Mike Trayner wrote:
>1. What exactly does Win2K mean by a "computer account"?
>2. How is this different from a "user account"?
>3. What is the difference between a "global" and a "local" user account?
>4. What is the difference between a "workgroup" and a "domain"?
>In addition, any hints on what I need to modify (eg. smb.conf, passwords, etc.)
>use Win2K clients (given that I have a setup which works for Win98 clients)
>be much appreciated.

1. A "computer account" in W2K and NT equals an "user account".
Both are stored in the user-database (smbpasswd in samba, sam in
NT/W2K). It's needed that not only the user but also a machine can
participate in a domain. Otherwise you cannot logon in a domain
on a computer that is not registered in the domains database.

2. The machine-account is stored with a "$" at the end of the name.

3. A local account applies only to the computer where the account
ist stored. A global applies to a domain (it's stored on server)

4. A domain provides the possibility of central administration, user-
and resourcemanagement


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