Samba network recycle bin

Eelco Vriezekolk eelco at
Wed Oct 31 22:20:03 GMT 2001

Chris Tooley wrote:

> Not to mention that this patch doesn't necessarily apply to 2.2.2
> cleanly yet.  The 2.2.0 patch has been running like a champ for a few
> monthes though and I love it.  I hope it gets rewritten into VFS code so
> I don't have to keep re-compiling.

The patch can very easily be made to work with 2.2.2. Just inspect the 
few rejects, and you'll see the obvious way to apply them.

There is a difference between Windows' recycle bin and the Network 
recycle bin. Windows only uses the recycle bin when deleting a file 
through the GUI (Windows Explorer), and then only for local drives. 
However, the Network recycle bin will preserve every deleted file. If 
you have an application that happens to make many temporary files on a 
Samba share, your Network recycle bin will fill very quickly, and with 
"rubbish" files.

The best option would be to patch Windows Explorer, and not Samba. Could 
someone send me the source for Explorer, please? :-)


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