Alternative Auth Methods.

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This question has come up rather frequently lately, and probably should be
added to a FAQ. Anyway, no functionallity exists in Samba to authenticate to
a SQL database, and such an option would probably be a rather difficult
piece of code to create. If this is truly what you want, you might want to
look for a PAM module that allows you to authenticate to a SQL database, and
then build Samba with PAM support, and use PAM through Samba to authenticate
your Windows users. This isn't a perfect solution, as it requires you to use
clear-text passwords, but it would indeed work. Hope that helps.

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> hi,
> Are there any alternative authentication methods for Samba? Other
> thank the smbpasswd file?  I'd like to do PostgreSQL or mySQL. Why?
> Because I can do Exim/IMAP/POP3 Apache/Zope with SQL, if I could do
> Samba it would wrap it up into one nice DB for authentication.
> It does not have to be much, just the ability to get the data from
> a SQL query rather than a flat file query.
> Anyone interested in working on this if it does not exist?
> Thanks,
> j.
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