Overbey, Alfred D (Dudley), ALCOO doverbey at
Wed Oct 31 20:36:03 GMT 2001

I am trying to upgrade from samba 1.9.18p10 to either samba 2.2.1 or
samba-2.2.2; besides the additional functionality, I was told that I needed
one of these for Win2K functionality.  After installing the new version
2.2.1, my client machines can no longer connect to their shares, personal or
public shares.  I have a smbpasswd file which includes the machine names of
the clients along with logins.  This file was generated using the convert
script.  The permissions are 600.  When connecting, I receive one of the
following messages:  "Access is denied." Or "The specified network password
is not correct."   We are using the registry hack for clear text passwords.
This all work fine for the previous version.  Would someone kindly tell me
what it is that I missed or screwed up?
doverbey at

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