Samba network recycle bin

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Oct 31 15:17:03 GMT 2001

Libor Vanek wrote:
> >  >Or use the "network recycle bin" patch, from
> >  >
> > How come this is not implemented to the official
> > version of Samba? Would be quite useful. Anyone
> > tried this patch with 2.2.2 yet?
> Hi,
> I'm also interested in this. Have you (or somebody else) already tested it?
> TO SAMBA DEVELOPERS: is this going to be part of Samba (2.2.3?) in future or
> not?

Not in its current form.  The patch could be rewritten as a VFS module -
the proper place for this kind of thing to go.  Sample VFS modules are
shipped with the source distribution, and might be an adequate basis for
starting such a project.

Only after that reimplementation could such a patch be considered.

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