password expire in samba PDC

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Wed Oct 31 14:58:47 GMT 2001

> Ariel Mella wrote:
> i tried in the smb.conf
> [global]
> unyx password sinc = yes
> pam password change = yes
> obey pam restrictions = yes
> and have compiled samba with pam support (im using redhat 7.2 and
> samba 2.2.2 rpm version from for redhat)
> if i logon in my linux box (telnet or ssh) with user xxx i have a
> message displayed "Warning you password expire in xx (5) days"
> if i put in /etc/shadow the correct value again in ssh or telnet i see
> "Your password has expired" and the change password appear
> but if  i logon with a win98/Me workstation to my SMB PDC
> 1) in the case i have xx days for change password i login normally but
> no message appear

There is no support for this in the Win9X series of clients, Sorry.

> 2) if my password expire by ssh or telnet , by SMB login from win98
> dont let me saying my password is incorrect.
> from i know when this is set from a NT PDC SERVER the win98 must be
> supplied the change password message and let me change it.. but using
> samba i cant..
> any idea??
> thx

The upcoming Samba 3.0 will return a more interesting error code, but
I'm not sure the Win9X client has the capacity to deal with it in any
case.  Are you saying that it works with an NT PDC for a Win9X cleint?

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