Solaris-8 (intel) --with-smbmount (Linux only) ??

Bill Schoolcraft bill at
Wed Oct 31 14:07:10 GMT 2001

Hello Family,

It took my wife calling me at work to ask for some copies of our
wedding pictures (trapped on Windows machine) that are next to the
Solaris-8 machine I'm typing this on.

Well I said, let me look for "smbmount" and I don't have it
compiled on this system so I was going to recompile and saw this:

--with-smbmount  Include SMBMOUNT (Linux only) support (default=no)

But saw the line that said......

 --with-automount     Include AUTOMOUNT support (default=no)

So can anyone tell me if I can use "smbmount" with Solaris-8 (Intel)
or if the second option will work.

I'm using 2.2.2

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    San Francisco, CA 94121
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