samba will not work for me... :/

Storm Jumper stormjumper at
Wed Oct 31 11:06:04 GMT 2001

well, i'm actually quite new to samba,
only 2 days old in fact,
so if any of this is wrong, pls correct me.

when i was installing samba (2.2.2, linux 2.4.10),
i used DIAGNOSIS.TXT pretty much as my trouble-shooting guide.

one thing i pretty much realised was,
i think it almost totally missed out the fact that
in order for Samba to have its shares work with Win98 clients,
the user has to use a username on the Win98 machine,
that exists in the samba password file.

once i added the user using 'smbpasswd -a',
as well as turn on password encryption in smb.conf,
which was properly documented i think.

once i realised that, DIAGNOSIS.TXT pretty much
worked very well as intended as a diagnosis tool.
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Subject: samba will not work for me... :/

> I've had this problem since FreeBSD 4.3.  This problem continues with my
> FreeBSD 4.4 machine.
> I can't connect from my Win98se and Win2kPro machines to my FreeBSD 4.4
> server.
> I've tried it all... but still no luck.
> I've run smbd and nmbd manually with the "-D" parameter.  I can connect
> internally from my FreeBSD 4.4 box using "./smbclient //(hostname)/test"
> However, when I try to map "\\(hostname)\test" using Explorer... nothing
> happens.
> I've also tried "net view \\(hostname)\test" under the dos prompt... but
> I get nothing.
> When I run "testparm" everything seems to work out.
> I've followed the directions from both Sam's "Samaba Unleashed" and the
> book... but to no avail.
> Can anyone please help me getting samba to work with my Win machines?
This has
> become extremely frustrating.
> -Sameer
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