password expire in samba PDC

Ariel Mella ariel at
Wed Oct 31 06:21:09 GMT 2001

i tried in the smb.conf
unyx password sinc = yes
pam password change = yes
obey pam restrictions = yes

and have compiled samba with pam support (im using redhat 7.2 and samba 2.2.2 rpm version from for redhat)
if i logon in my linux box (telnet or ssh) with user xxx i have a message displayed "Warning you password expire in xx (5) days"
if i put in /etc/shadow the correct value again in ssh or telnet i see "Your password has expired" and the change password appear 
but if  i logon with a win98/Me workstation to my SMB PDC 
1) in the case i have xx days for change password i login normally but no message appear
2) if my password expire by ssh or telnet , by SMB login from win98 dont let me saying my password is incorrect.
from i know when this is set from a NT PDC SERVER the win98 must be supplied the change password message and let me change it.. but using samba i cant..
any idea??
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