samba in wireless network

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at
Wed Oct 31 05:56:16 GMT 2001

On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, tan li wrote:

> Hi, I met a problem to use samba in my laptop. My laptop is installed RH7.2.
> I can access samba in my laptop if I connect to network through direct cable
> connection, however the samba cannot be accessed if I use wavelan wireless
> card for network. The error message is the network path is not accessable. I
> can still see the samba server lists in my network place in windows. The
> wireless card works fine though. I can use it to surf net, access laptop by
> telnet, ftp and so on.
> What else I need to set up in smb.conf file?

Check the broadcast address of your wireless card.

cheers, jerry
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