What is Samba speed?

David van Geyn dataiv-lists-rcv1 at noc.peon.net
Wed Oct 31 04:32:02 GMT 2001


Which socket options did you find helped you most? I'm particularly
interested in trying the RCVBUF and SNDBUF, as well as 'write cache size'.
Did you find one to make any significant difference?

Check out my other reply to this thread and you can see my performance
results with a Pentium 100 running FreeBSD 3.4.


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Subject: What is Samba speed?

> Hi,
> what is Samba speed limit? I usually get maximum throughoutput about 3-4
> MBytes/s reading from Samba, 2-3 MB/s writing to Samba server. (IDE discs,
> but 256 MB memory, Athlon 900 MHz, one 500 MB file, 100 Mbit network).
> What are your results? Does anybody knows about some performance tunings?
> have adjusted only this:
> socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=16384 SO_SNDBUF=16384
> write cache size = 262144
> Thanks,
> Libor
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