What is Samba speed?

Libor Vaněk libor at conet.cz
Wed Oct 31 03:13:03 GMT 2001


>     Your speed is so fast.  Can you tell me how you measure the speed?

I also copied 500 MB file on network where I got only Samba and Win98
server. I used Servant Salamander (better than Windows Commander even it
till now doesn't support FTP but it should support FTP in few weeks and also
RPMs ;-))) - see http://www.altap.cz/ ). I used 3C905 cards (IMHO one of the
best ones - I heard Intel is now better but I'm used to use 3Com for years).
In real enviroment with lower Samba configuration (Celeron 500, 128 MB RAM,
PCCHips MB ;-)) I get 1-3 MB/s from Win to Samba and 2-3.5 from Samba to

IMHO the configuration I send can be measurable only with working with lot
of small files and lot of users but my customers need to work with big files
(10 - 200 MB -  CAD/DTP).


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