What is Samba speed?

LouisVoo louis at allsofts.com
Wed Oct 31 02:52:02 GMT 2001


    Your speed is so fast.  Can you tell me how you measure the speed?

    My speed is only 1mb - 1.4mb copy from NT to samba.
    I'm using IDE disc, 256 sdram, P4 1.5G (samba) and P2 333(NT), 100 Mbit
    I mount from samba to NT, and using midnight commander to copy a 100mb
    I also try your configuration, but the speed is not change.


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Subject: What is Samba speed?

> Hi,
> what is Samba speed limit? I usually get maximum throughoutput about 3-4
> MBytes/s reading from Samba, 2-3 MB/s writing to Samba server. (IDE discs,
> but 256 MB memory, Athlon 900 MHz, one 500 MB file, 100 Mbit network).
> What are your results? Does anybody knows about some performance tunings?
> have adjusted only this:
> socket options = TCP_NODELAY SO_RCVBUF=16384 SO_SNDBUF=16384
> write cache size = 262144
> Thanks,
> Libor
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