Samba 2.2.1a PDC and Win XP

Steven Westbrook westbrook at
Tue Oct 30 20:08:02 GMT 2001

I'm seeing exactly the same problem with a Samba 2.2.2 that previously 
worked great with Windows 2000.  

The exact error that I'm getting is: "Windows cannot connect to the 
domain, either because the domain controller is down or otherwise 
unavailable, or because our computer account was not found."  However, 
once I do log on using a local windows account, I can browse the network 
neighborhood and see the samba server as usual and view the shares after 
it asks me for a valid domain password and account.  I also can have the 
windows XP machine join the domain, but when I log off and try to log back 
on to the domain, I still get the error.  Reboots cause the same problem.  
Anyone have any ideas?  I have recompiled the source from scratch just to 
make sure that wasn't a problem.....



On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Marco Rebsamen wrote:

> Hi,
> Does enybody already added a WinXP Client to a 2.2.1a PDC server ?
> I tied it, the machine account is createt, and it say "wellcome to the 
> domain...." but if i know try to log on to the domain, it says the PDC 
> couldn't  be found.
> The stupid thing.... It dosen't "say" anything to the Server it just promts 
> the error message.
> With Win2k it works fine....
> thx
> Marco

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