Network problem URGENT!!!

Joel Hammer Joel at
Tue Oct 30 16:30:05 GMT 2001

You have to learn about firewalls. I don't know if this is ipchains or
iptables, but, it is not too hard either way.
If you are unwilling to learn the nuts and bolts, you'll have to nose around
your system to find some configuration tool for your firewall.
I use vi to edit my firewall rules, and find this is a good way to do it.
On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 11:47:54PM +0100, Roger Aspelin wrote:
> Hello,
> Maybe this is not the correct place for this mail but... i can only send
> and recive mail... and my samba network is no work so...
> I'm running Linux Mandrake 8.2 and after doing this,
> Mandrake Contorl Center
> Network and Internet
> Internet sharing
> I activated this
> Security
> Firewall
> I activated this
> How can i deactivate this?! After this my internet, telnet.... everything
> is not reacheabel. Not eaven from the server it self.... Not eaven the
> webserver! Any one with a clou?!

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