Automounting shares

Chris Tooley ctooley at
Tue Oct 30 15:03:08 GMT 2001

While this is a really great script, it can backfire in a huge way
really easy.  :)  I made the mistake of replacing the first /cifs/ in
auto.master with /etc on my workstation.  Let's just say that had less
than desireable results.

Not to mention it would be nice if it could prompt you for a password,
I'm not so sure how I feel about putting my password in a plain text

Chris Tooley

On Tue, 2001-10-30 at 15:38, samba-admin at wrote:
> I've written a short perl script that produces automount maps for mounting
> shares on demand on Linux.  Rather than having to fill in the automounter
> map manually in advance, you can refer to, say, '/cifs/host:share' and it
> will just work.
> You can find this at
> It hasn't been tested extensively, but it's quite handy, so I thought I'd
> offer it to other people.  Bug reports and any other feedback you may have
> to me directly, please.
> If someone wanted to include this in the examples that come with the
> Samba source, I certainly wouldn't object.
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> Peter Oliver
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