Some questions about networking with WinNT/2K

Mike Traynor mdt-tech-mailbox at
Tue Oct 30 14:03:02 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I've had 2.2.1a working well on a small network with Win98 clients for some time
now.  I'm having a bit of a struggle getting a Win2K client working, though.  I
think the problem is as much my lack of understanding of NT/2000 as of Samba. 
Answers to any of the following questions would be of help as I try to get things
up and running:

1. What exactly does Win2K mean by a "computer account"?
2. How is this different from a "user account"?
3. What is the difference between a "global" and a "local" user account?
4. What is the difference between a "workgroup" and a "domain"?

In addition, any hints on what I need to modify (eg. smb.conf, passwords, etc.) to
use Win2K clients (given that I have a setup which works for Win98 clients) would
be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Mike Traynor.

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