Can't see network neighbourhood

lukekendall at lukekendall at
Tue Oct 30 05:41:03 GMT 2001

On 30 Oct, To: Samba wrote:
>  BTW, in smb.conf I've set remote announce = rather than 
>  ..255 because the firewall says that the subnet mask is 
>  I also haven't specified any "remote browse sync" there at all.  I just 
>  tried it now with it set to, but it doesn't seem to make 
>  any difference.  (So I've turned it back off and restarted samba again.) 

One other possibly significant point.  Early on (before I added the ipchains
rules to open up ports 137,138, 139 on Linux!), I turned on encrypted passwords
on the Samba server, and used regedit to turn them on for Win95, too.

And I'm told that it's strongly suggestive of problems in the Win95
system if I can't even see the Win95 machine itself in the network


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