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Tue Oct 30 05:26:03 GMT 2001

zuhairi at wrote:
> hi,
> i'm from one educational institute which choose to use samba.
> but for now some of the PC's cannot log onto this samba.
> down here we have 2 NT server, 4 Linux and clients are on windows.
> all i wanted to ask is why are some of these PC's cannot log onto this samba.
> the users cannot be identified by the server.

The folks on the list will need a good bit more information before
they can help you.  You'll need to supply the following:
1. Version of Samba
2. Version and distro of Linux
3. Type of clients (win95? WinNT? W2K?)
4. Type of security (workgroup? domain? - who is the PDC? Are Samba
   machines set up as BDC?)
5. Any interesting information in the samba logs when you try to log
6. The exact error messages that the clients display apon failure.
7. You may want to attach your smb.conf file, if it's not too long.

Bill Moran
Potential Technology

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